O Sun of righteousness

 O Sun of righteousness by which the righteous have beheld their own selves and become a mirror for their generations, open up within me the gate to awareness of You; grant me a joyful mind, one which sails above the rocks of error, until I may reach that serene abode, as did our Fathers of old who pleased You with their discerning lives. 

Sanctify me by Your Mysteries, illumine my mind with knowledge of You, make Your hope to shine out in my heart, hold me worthy to supplicate for it, O God my Father and Lord of my life; illumine Your lamp within me, place in me what belongs to You so that I may forget what belongs to myself. 

Cast upon me the constraint of wonder at You, so that the constraint of nature may be overpowered by it.  

Stir up within me the vision of Your Mysteries so that I may become aware of what was placed in me at holy baptism. 

You have placed within me a Guide: may He show me Your glory at all times. 

You made me to be light and salt for the world: may I not prove a stumbling block for my companions. 

Seeing that I have left the world, may I never again look back to it and to the things which I renounced when I made my promise to You. 

Cast reins of delight upon my heart, so that my senses may not gaze beyond the paths of Your law. 

Rig together my impulses for the ship of repentance, so that in it I may exult as I travel over the world’s sea until I reach the haven of Your hope. 

When I am tempted, may my mind take courage from the recollection of You. 

Illumine before me the path that is dark by means of the brilliance of awareness of You.

St Ephraim, pray for us!


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