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In love did He bring the world into existence

I n love did He bring the world into existence W hat profundity of richness, what mind and exalted wisdom is God’s. What compassionate kindness and abundant goodness belongs to the Creator!  W ith what purpose and with what love did He create this world and bring it into existence!  W hat a mystery does the coming into being of this creation look towards! To what a state is our common nature invited!  W hat love served to initiate the creation of the world!  T his same love which initiated the act of creation prepared beforehand by another dispensation the things appropriate to adorn the world’s majesty which sprung forth as a result of the might of His love. I n love did He bring the world into existence; in love does He guide it during this its temporal existence; in love is He going to bring it to that wondrous transformed state, and in love will the world be swallowed up in the great mystery of Him who has performed all things; in love will the whole course of the governance of cre