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Love Your Fellow Man – St. Isaac the Syrian

L ove Your Fellow Man L ove the poor, that through them you may also find mercy.  D o not keep company with the disputations, lest you be forced to take leave of your calm.  B ear the noisome smells of the sick without disgust, and especially of the poor, since you too are wrapped about with a body.  D o not rebuke those who are afflicted in heart, lest you be scourged with the selfsame rod as theirs: then you will seek consolation and will find none.  D o not disdain those who are deformed from birth, because all of us will go to the grave equally privileged.  L ove sinners, but hate their works; and do not despise them for their faults, lest you be tempted by the same.  R emember that you share the earthly nature of Adam and that you are clothed with his infirmity.  D o not reprove those who are in need of your prayer, and do not withhold tender words of comfort from them, lest they perish and their souls be required of you; but do as the physicians, who cure the diseases which are m

The Paradoxical Justice of God.

T he Paradoxical Justice of God. T he watchfulness of discernment is superior to every discipline of men accomplished in any way to any degree.  D o not hate the sinner. For we are all laden with guilt. If for the sake of God you are moved to oppose him, weep over him.  W hy do you hate him? Hate his sins and pray for him, that you may imitate Christ Who was not wroth with sinners, but interceded for them.  D o you not see how He wept over Jerusalem? We are mocked by the devil in many instances, so why should we hate the man who is mocked by him who mocks us also?  W hy, O man, do you hate the sinner? Could it be because he is not so righteous as you? But where is your righteousness when you have no love? Why do you not shed tears over him? But you persecute him.  I n ignorance some are moved with anger, presuming themselves to be discerners of the works of sinners. B e a herald of God’s goodness, for God rules over you, unworthy though you are; for although your debt to Him is so grea