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For Those Who Despair

D o not lose heart, O soul, do not grieve.  P ronounce not over yourself a final judgement for the multitude of your sins.  D o not commit yourself to fire.  D o not say the Lord has cast me from His face.  S uch words are not pleasing to God.  C an it be that one who is fallen cannot get up?  C an it be that he who is turned away cannot turn back again?  D o you not hear how kind the father is to a prodigal?  D o not be ashamed to turn back and say boldly, “I will arise and go to my father.”  A rise, and go!   H e will accept you and not reproach you but rather rejoice at your return.  H e awaits you, just do not be ashamed and do not hide from the face of God as Adam did. I t was for your sake that Christ was crucified.  S o, will he cast you aside?  H e knows who oppresses us.  H e knows that we have no other help but him alone.  C hrist knows that man is miserable.  D o not give yourself up in despair and apathy assuming that you have been prepared for the fire.  C hrist derives no