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All the dead will rise at the sound of the trumpet

A ll the dead will rise at the sound of the trumpet and praise the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Resurrector of their bodies. O Father who formed Adam out of the dust. O Son who by Your cross saved the race of Adam from destruction, resurrect me and appoint me to be at Your right hand, so that I may praise Your name. I worship You, O Christ our Saviour. Y ou are the resurrector and saviour of all the deceased who were baptized in Your name and confessed Your cross and death. B lessed be Christ who has promised life and resurrection to the offspring of Adam in the day of His coming. W e also will rise and praise Him with all the saints who have been pleasing to Him. Glory to You. B y Your resurrection You granted the human race the hope of life and resurrection. W e offer You praise, because You are the resurrector of all flesh. Y ou mortals, glorify and praise Him who through His death did away with the authority of death and promised the mortal race life and resurrection.

O Sun of righteousness

  O Sun of righteousness by which the righteous have beheld their own selves and become a mirror for their generations, open up within me the gate to awareness of You; grant me a joyful mind, one which sails above the rocks of error, until I may reach that serene abode, as did our Fathers of old who pleased You with their discerning lives.  S anctify me by Your Mysteries, illumine my mind with knowledge of You, make Your hope to shine out in my heart, hold me worthy to supplicate for it, O God my Father and Lord of my life; illumine Your lamp within me, place in me what belongs to You so that I may forget what belongs to myself.  C ast upon me the constraint of wonder at You, so that the constraint of nature may be overpowered by it.   S tir up within me the vision of Your Mysteries so that I may become aware of what was placed in me at holy baptism.  Y ou have placed within me a Guide: may He show me Your glory at all times.  Y ou made me to be light and salt for the world: may I not