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Life’s lessons: Beatitudes

  Life’s lessons: Beatitudes  B lessed is he who is ever filled with spiritual joy and untiringly carries the Lord's good yoke, for he shall be crowned with glory.  B lessed is he who has cleansed himself of all sinful corruption, for boldly can he receive the King of glory, our Lord Jesus Christ, into his house.  B lessed is he who reverently approaches the most pure mysteries of the Savior with fear and trembling, knowing that he receives into his body indestructible life.  B lessed is he who hourly contemplates death and has rendered ineffectual in himself the shameful passions that nest in the hearts of the careless, for such a man will be comforted at the time of his repose.  B lessed is he who ceaselessly recalls the torments of Gehenna and hastens with tears and sighs to repent sincerely before the Lord, for he will be delivered from all sorrow.  B lessed is he who always humbles himself willingly, for he will be crowned by the One Who willingly humbled Himself for us