Have mercy on us, O God father omnipotent!


Have mercy on us, O God father omnipotent! O God of hosts. O sublime God. O Lord of the world. O unspeakable God. O Creator of the elements. O invisible God. O incorporeal God. O unjudgeable God. O immeasurable God. O impatient God. O immaculate God. O immortal God. O immoveable God. O eternal God. O perfect God. O merciful God. O admirable God. O dread God. O golden good. O heavenly Father that art in Heavens, have mercy on us!

Have mercy on us, O omnipotent God, O Jesus Christ, O son of living God! O son that was born twice. O only-begotten of God the Father. O first child of Mary the Virgin. O son of David. O son of Abraham. O beginning of all. O end of the world. O word of God. O jewel of the heavenly kingdom. O life of all. О eternal truth. О image, О likeness, О figure of God the Father. О hand of God. О arm of God. О strength of God. О right hand of God. О true wisdom. О true light that lighteth every darkness. О…light. О sun of truth. О morning star. О radiance of the Godhead. О splendour of the eternal light. О intelligence of the mystic world. О intermediator of all men. О betrothed of the Church. О trusty shepherd of the flock. О expectation of the faithful. О angel of the great counsel. О true prophet. О true apostle. О true teacher. О high priest. О master. О Nazarene. О fair-haired one. О ever living satisfaction. О tree of life. О true vine. О sprout of the root of Jesse. О king of Israel. О Saviour. О door of the world. О chosen flower of the plain. О lily of the valleys. О rock of strength. О corner stone. О heavenly Zion. О foundation of faith. О innocent lamb. О diadem. О gentle sheep. О redeemer of mankind. О true God. О true man. О lion. О ox. О eagle. О crucified Christ. О judge of Doom, have mercy on us!

Have mercy on us, О omnipotent God, О Holy Spirit! О Spirit that is nobler than all spirits. О finger of God. О guard of the Christians. О comforter of the sorrowful. О gentle one. О merciful intercessor. О giver of true wisdom. О author of Holy Scripture. О ruler of speech. О septiform spirit. О spirit of wisdom. О spirit of understanding. О spirit of counsel. О spirit of strength. О spirit of knowledge. О spirit of gentleness. О spirit of awe. О spirit of charity. О spirit of grace. О spirit by whom all high things are ordained!


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